Munro Doig Lawyers Perth

Munro Doig is a leading private client services law firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

Established in 2002 by founding directors Colin Munro and Ron Doig, the firm offers a wealth of experience and expertise among its team of senior lawyers. We have extensive experience in tax, superannuation, retirement and estate planning, and work closely with our clients to find the best possible outcomes for their needs.

We have a deep understanding of the business life-cycle, from structuring start-ups, through growth and maturity, to sale or succession. We also assist families with intergenerational wealth transfer.

We also have a leading migration practice, with expertise in Australian immigration law. We assist clients with visa applications, through to appeals and solving complex and difficult migration problems. We also assist businesses with hiring overseas workers, and individuals wanting to migrate to Australia.

Our Values

  1. People-Focused
    We forge long-standing relationships with our clients and their business advisers to build a keen understanding of their businesses and circumstances. We work together as a team with our clients and advisers to deliver the best possible outcome. We also believe in developing our staff to their fullest potential. We have a strong teaching and mentoring culture to ensure that staff not only are technically competent, but also develop as all-round lawyers in their interpersonal and professional skills-set.
  2. Purpose and Intent
    Our sense of purpose motivates us. We believe that practising law is more than just drafting documents and writing letters, but it is about the pursuit of justice and fairness. In the process, we are making a difference in the lives of our clients, their businesses and in our community.
  3. Excellence
    We strive for excellence in small things and in big things. Excellence is a choice we make because we take personal responsibility and ownership to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome. Excellence also means that we never settle on the status quo. Instead, we are always striving to improve ourselves. We also strive for excellence in character, holding to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
  4. Care
    We care deeply about what we do; and we care deeply for our clients and staff. We are also careful about the delivery of our services, ensuring that we pay close attention to detail and turn around matters in a timely manner.
  5. Intelligent and Innovative Thinking
    We provide leading-edge solutions to our clients’ problems. We “think outside the box”. We look at issues critically and intelligently. We utilise the latest technology to run an efficient practice.
  6. Humility
    Practising law is a privilege. We have been gifted so that we can in turn serve our clients and our community in humility.